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Five Fantasy Football Predictions

(Editor’s note: The title says five predictions, but in order to make Marcus Webb happy, we added five more after first posting. Hope you enjoy the additional five, Marcus.) It’s finally upon us. The wonderful sport that opens the door … Continue reading

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The Problem With Referees, Umpires, And Anyone Who Makes Judgments

Hey ref, you suck!  Ever been to a live sporting event and not heard that at one point or another? Maybe it wasn’t said just like that, or maybe the word ump (or judge, or stripes, or Dick Bavetta) was … Continue reading

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5 Solutions To Combat The Effects of No Fantasy Football

With the NFL lockout still in effect, and with rumors of a deal being finalized remaining only rumors, I believe we might be on the eve of serious turmoil in America. Not because of the lack of football being played … Continue reading

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