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Why You Should And Shouldn’t Root For The Sox/Rays

(Editor’s note: The following is an actual email correspondence between two of our writers) Hey James, Can you please explain to me why people want the Rays to take the Wild Card spot from the Red Sox? The Rays can’t … Continue reading

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The Problem With Referees, Umpires, And Anyone Who Makes Judgments

Hey ref, you suck!  Ever been to a live sporting event and not heard that at one point or another? Maybe it wasn’t said just like that, or maybe the word ump (or judge, or stripes, or Dick Bavetta) was … Continue reading

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Why I’m Nervous to See Moneyball

If you are a fan of a small-market baseball team like me, movies about your team don’t come around very often. In fact, take a quick look at this list of movies that feature or include a real MLB team … Continue reading

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