BCS According to Canadian School Children

(Editor’s note: The following is a discussion overheard between a fourth grade teacher in Canada and his class discussing the BCS. The teacher recently moved from the U.S. and made reference to the upcoming BCS Championship game.)

Shiloh, Age 10: What is the BCS Championship?

Mr. Hellert, Age 31 (MH): It is the bowl game system used to decide which two football teams play for the national championship in America.

Michael, Age 9: Why do only two teams get to try?

MH: Well, because that’s how it is done. It’s kind of a tradition to do just one bowl game.

Baxter, Age 9: Tradition, like dying Easter eggs?

MH: Sure.

Shiloh (directed at Baxter): That’s a stupid tradition.

Baxter: You’re a stupid tradition.

MH: Boys, please.

Shawn, Age 10: How do they pick the two teams?

MH: They use a mathematical formula which takes into account multiple polls and computer formulas to create a BCS ranking. Whoever finishes in the top two is in.

(Long silence)

Annie, Age 9: And are those two teams good?

MH: They’re supposed to be the best.

Shiloh, Age 10: Are they the best?

MH: Sometimes. Some people say they aren’t.

Shawn: And if you’re number three, you can’t play?

MH: You can play, just not for the championship. You can play in another bowl game.

Shawn, Age 10: Why play if you can’t win the championship?

MH: It’s tradition.

Shiloh: That’s a stupid tradition.

Baxter: Like trick or treating?

Annie: You’re not funny, Baxter.

Baxter: And you’re not cute.

MH: Baxter, that’s enough.

Shawn: When I played in a soccer tournament last summer, we were given a seed. Do you know what a seed is?

MH: Yes.

Shawn: We were the three seed. And we won the whole tournament. In the championship we beat the five seed.

MH: In the BCS, you wouldn’t have been able to do that.

Baxter: That’s not fair.

Shawn: Is everything in America that stupid?

MH: Only the BCS uses that system.

Annie: Who is playing in the BSC this year?

MH: Alabama and LSU.

Shiloh: What is LSU?

MH: Louisiana State University.

Hunter, Age 10: Louisiana is close to Alabama.

Annie: Who is better?

MH: Well, LSU beat Alabama earlier this year, so probably them.

Baxter: They already played this year?

MH: Yep.

Annie: Does everyone play everyone during the season?

MH: No, no. There are over a hundred teams. Each team plays 12 games, sometimes 13.

Annie: The whole country does that?

MH: Yes.

Annie: And those two teams are playing again?

MH: Yep.

Shawn: America is so stupid. Did you know they use British judges do decide who in America has talent?

Shiloh, Age 10: Why are they playing again?

MH: Because they finished one and two in the BCS standings.

Annie, Age 9: But they already played each other? Has the number three team played LSU?

MH: No.

Hunter: America is so stupid.

(Shouts of agreement throughout the class)

Marcus, Age 9: My dad likes Alabama, and I’m happy they get to play again.

Shiloh, Age 10: Well, your dad is an idiot.

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