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Why You Should And Shouldn’t Root For The Sox/Rays

(Editor’s note: The following is an actual email correspondence between two of our writers) Hey James, Can you please explain to me why people want the Rays to take the Wild Card spot from the Red Sox? The Rays can’t … Continue reading

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Angriest Tennis Players — A Graph of Flaring Tempers

Ranking the Rage INTERACTIVE GRAPH HERE: … In scaling volatility among pros, one must start with two names: John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg. McEnroe is the epitome of anger. His tantrums are legendary and (because of modern technology that makes arguing calls … Continue reading

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BYU Will Always Be The Underdog: How Tecmo Super Bowl Explains Utah’s Dominance

(Editor’s note: Bryson Kearl is a diehard BYU fan, but as he was ramming his head into a New York hotel wall this past Saturday night, the following article came to him. It is a hard truth, but to him … Continue reading

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BYU Vs. Utah – How To Insult Your Rival

I wrote a long article about the BYU-Utah game this week. It was a well-thought-out piece all about momentum, and what role it would (or wouldn’t) play in this week’s rivalry game. But it was garbage. Why? Because I was … Continue reading

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Five Fantasy Football Predictions

(Editor’s note: The title says five predictions, but in order to make Marcus Webb happy, we added five more after first posting. Hope you enjoy the additional five, Marcus.) It’s finally upon us. The wonderful sport that opens the door … Continue reading

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All In The Family

Five Familiar Steps to Help You Become a Professional Athlete: 1. Be Conceived Around Christmas* The older you are in your grade, the bigger and better you will be early in your career against your peers. Most important, this will … Continue reading

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The Brandon Davies Story: My Source Of School Pride

It still hurts. It’s been six months since Brandon Davies was dismissed from BYU Basketball’s team just two weeks before March Madness for having premarital sex. At the time BYU was ranked #3 in the nation. BYU fans across the … Continue reading

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