Biggest Offseason Acquisition

With the Big Shaqtus retired for a couple of months now it was only a matter of time before he made his next move. What would be next for the artist formerly known as Superman?

Shaq to Inside the NBA!

It’s happening. Let’s face it, we all knew he was going to get a job as an announcer. It was either that, finish his doctorate in Human Resource Development, or Shaq-fu II (that is fun to say out loud). It was a smart move – he was able to nab the premiere gig for NBA announcers. But this leads to yet another question for next season. Can Shaq and Barkley co-exist on one show?

Shaq has a big personality and will surely say ridiculous things, but ‘Inside the NBA’ is Barkley’s show. He needs sidekicks like Kenny the Jet and Chris Webber, who are able to bring sense into the mix. Will anyone be able to understand anything when Shaq and Barkley disagree?

Basically what I am saying is: resolve the lock out!!! Look at me… I am writing about ‘Inside the NBA’… in July


Devan Butler is a stand-up comedian and LA Lakers fan.

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