Is Wayne Brady Going To Have To Djokovic?

Novak just put his stranglehold on tennis. The man who has only lost once this YEAR just took the No. 1 ranking from Nadal and beat him in the Wimbledon final… the fifth time he’s beaten Nadal this YEAR.

It’s great news for tennis.

A few years ago, Roger Federer was annointed the greatest in the history of the sport. Then, this Spaniard with ugly capris kept beating him. Soon, people started whispering that Nadal would be the greatest of all-time. After all, how could Fed be the greatest player of all-time and have a losing record to his principal rival? These days, the Fed-Nadal rivalry was starting to look awfully lopsided. So, with Fed starting to really slow, Nadal needed someone to play the role he did with Roger — he needed some competition. He needed a rival, preferably a young one. Finally, Djoker is stepping up the plate.

It’s great news for tennis.


James Littlejohn likes tennis. He even wrote a book about tennis called The Pusher. It is available wherever it can be bought.

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