Why I’m Nervous to See Moneyball

If you are a fan of a small-market baseball team like me, movies about your team don’t come around very often. In fact, take a quick look at this list of movies that feature or include a real MLB team (team featured bolded):

  • 1942 Pride of the Yankees Da Yankees
  • 1950 Jackie Robinson Story Brooklyn Dodgers
  • 1974 It’s Good to Be Alive Brooklyn Dodgers
  • 1979 The Kid From Left Field San Diego Padres
  • 1983 Tiger Town Detroit Tigers
  • 1985 The Slugger’s Wife Atlanta Braves
  • 1986 Ferris Bueller cameo by the Chicago Cubs
  • 1987 Trading Hearts Boston Red Sox
  • 1988 Naked Gun cameo by the California Angels of California
  • 1989 Night Game Houston Astros
  • 1989 Field of Dreams Chicago White Sox
  • 1989 Major League (and sequels) Cleveland Indians
  • 1991 Taking Care of Business Chicago Cubs
  • 1991 Talent for the Game CA Angels of America
  • 1992 The Babe Da Yankees
  • 1993 Rookie of the Year Chicago Cubs
  • 1994 Angels in the Outfield Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of the USA
  • 1994 Cobb Detroit Tigers
  • 1994 The Scout Da Yankees
  • 1994 Little Big League Minnesota Twins
  • 1996 The Fan San Francisco Giants
  • 1999 For The Love of the Game Detroit Tigers
  • 1999 Mean Streak Da Yankees
  • 2001 61* Da Yankees
  • 2002 The Rookie Tampa Bay Rays
  • 2003 The Road Home LA Dodgers
  • 2004 Hustle Cincinnati Reds
  • 2004 Mr. 3000 Milwaukee Brewers
  • 2004 This Old Club Chicago Cubs
  • 2005 Fever Pitch Boston Red Sox
  • 2005 Game 6  Boston Red Sox
  • 2006 Chasing 3000 Pittsburg Pirates
  • 2007 The Bronx is Burning Da Yankees
  • 2007 Chasing October  Chicago Cubs
  • 2009 Henry O Tampa Devil Rays
  • 2010 How Do You Know Washington Nationals
  • 2011 Three Nights in August St. Louis Cardinals

What do we learn? If you root for a team that is not the Yankees, Sox, Cubs or based in the Greater LA region, you practically only have one shot at having your team in a movie. The Rays, however, have somehow gotten two, which boggles my mind. And so Moneyball (trailer below) is probably my only shot as a fan of the Oakland A’s.

The good news: Brad Pitt, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Aaron Sorkin are involved.

The bad news: the movie is eight years too late, and Scott Hatteberg appears to be very important.

That said. I like my chances on this one. Could be one of the greats.


James Littlejohn likes the A’s. You can read his blog not about the A’s here: jameslittlejohn.blgospot.com

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3 Responses to Why I’m Nervous to See Moneyball

  1. Jordan Lewis says:

    A few of my favorites that you left out are Sandlot -LA Dodgers and Rookie of the Year- Cubs. Im shocked you forgot about Henry Roengardner.

  2. thevangundy says:

    Rookie of the Year was accidentally written as The Rookie. I’ve updated it. As for Sandlot, I guess if I include Ferris Bueller I should have put that. It does only further my theory to have another LA team in the cinematic mix.

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