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Report: Dirk Nowitzki Tested Positive with Performance Enhancer

As the NBA lockout looms like that weird old guy in Braveheart telling Mel Gibson to ask for mercy, there is even more bad news today to break the NBA fans’ spirits. It is being reported by multiple sources that … Continue reading

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Why I’m Nervous to See Moneyball

If you are a fan of a small-market baseball team like me, movies about your team don’t come around very often. In fact, take a quick look at this list of movies that feature or include a real MLB team … Continue reading

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Ron Artest: PR Genius

Ron Artest has the best PR rep in the world. It only took 6 years for Artest to go from the most hated to the most loved player in sports; if not most loved definitely most interesting. He went from … Continue reading

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Women’s World Cup: Ten Tips For Viewing Enjoyment

So the FIFA Women’s World Cup is here. Are you, like many sports fans, unsure how to make the most out of the experience? Here are ten tips to help you make the most out of this once-every-four-years (I assume) … Continue reading

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Nowhere Man

  Nowhere Man please listen, You don’t know what you’re missing, Nowhere Man, the world is at your command! ‘Nowhere Man’ by the Beatles is supposedly an autobiographical song about John Lennon and his self-uncertainty. I think that theory may … Continue reading

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Clipper-less Draft Lacks Excitement…. Possibility of Another Clipper Blunder

As Stuart Scott’s joke about the Bulls drafting the all-time greatest player and now Bobcat owner, Michael Jordan, with their 28th pick in the 2011 NBA draft fell on deaf ears, it was apparent that this year’s unimpressive draft really … Continue reading

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Where Will Jimmer Go

Where will Jimmer go? I don’t have a clue. But where should Jimmer go? Aw, now we’re talking. I’ve gone over every team in the league and evaluated how good it would be for Jimmer Fredette to be selected by … Continue reading

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